Ad Development

Have you Looked at your PPC Ads lately?

What does your client's PPC ad saying to customers when it appears on the search engines? Does the message reflect and reinforce the position of your brand in the marketplace? Are the right kinds of visitors attracted to the PPC ad?

A paid search ad is the first impression that potential customers get about your client's business. This is a great opportunity to motivate visitors to visit a web site, while filtering out unwanted traffic. This can be a challenge when you are working with 70 characters or less. Developing the right ad copy takes an experienced hand if you want to achieve the right objectives for your clients.

At SEOonNET, our team is highly experienced with writing ads for a variety of audiences and industries. We are able to develop a paid search campaign using a comprehensive strategy, meticulous testing, and structured campaign management. This includes differentiating calls-to-action to reflect a message which is reinforced on each landing page. We employ a synergistic strategy that takes advantage of highly competitive keyword groups, by creating specific ad messages that attract customers to visit each landing page.

Are you certain that your clients' ads are delivering the most targeted traffic to drive revenue? If not, then you will want to learn more about how SEOonNET can improve your ad development services. Request a free PPC analysis from one of our experts today!