Creating Keyword Rich Pages of Web Content

Target Keywords with Fresh, Unique, & Compellings Pages of Web Content

With parallel publishing channels, your clients can create a massive library of keyword rich content pages throughout their web site in order to capture rankings in the search engines for the keyword searches relevant to their business. Using extensive keyword research we then oversee the creation of different types of web content including for example, articles, news releases, digital media like photos and videos and other types of content that includes many different variations of the keywords.

Embed Long-tail and Short-tail keywords into Text Sitewide

To successfully attain top rankings in the search engines, we observe that the words on your client's web pages should be a major investment in any search optimization campaign. A well-optimized title and a good heading boost search engine rank but it will turn ineffective unless the page also contains some keyword-rich body text. Content is what the search engines want to index. Adequate descriptive content allows search engine spiders to extract obvious targeted keywords and phrases.

Content must be thoughtfully constructed to ensure correct information will be included in the search engines' indexing equation. Your aim is to ensure that the spiders will extract only the targeted keywords and phrases placed strategically within the content. Through key phrase analysis it can be determined whether or not these phrases are displayed as prominently as necessary to influence the indexing process.

Additionally, optimized content is not just embedding “targeted keywords” into web content but lacing your content with “semantically relevant keywords” as well. For example, if your client is selling medical equipment and targeting a specific term like “ekg machines” then the site must contain related words like “medical equipment” and “discount price” so that Google knows the content is about selling a machine as opposed to describing a doctor’s office that has an ekg machine on premises. The better job done inserting semantically related words, the more productive and numerous rankings can be obtained.