Building Your Keyword Pyramid

Building a List of Keywords to Target on Any Web Site

This is absolutely the first step in an SEO Campaign. You need to know your client's industry so you can understand what customers are looking for. We help you research an industry to develop a comprehensive list of keyword phrases people are likely to type into a search engine query when looking for your client's products and services online. You can extrapolate from the estimated searches/day what to expect a phrase to get on the major search engines. Then we'll help design and build a content creation strategy which integrates the most effective keyword phrases into web pages on your client's site. Prioritizing the keyword phrases to isolate those keywords which are most essential for impacting your client's bottom line will help identify those keywords which should be targeted most with optimization efforts - these are called the money phrases.

Assemble a "Keyword Pyramid" for Simultaneous Optimization

Isolate a highly competitive keyword phrase - this is the top of the pyramid. And then add alternate variations of the keyword phrase to create what is called "long-tail" versions that are less competitive. Choosing to go with phrases that are lower in search volume and lower in competition will almost always result in higher rankings faster and enable you to start targeting the bigger more competitive phrases.

When you're selecting short term and long term targets it's wise to choose phrases with the same root keywords ("concrete fences" and "concrete fences los angeles" for example). This basically enables your client to work towards long term goals during link building while at the same time also gaining short term targets.