Keyword Research

Keyword Research for Pay Per Click Marketing

Keyword research is the cornerstone of any successful PPC campaign. With increased competitiveness and rising keyword costs, PPC advertisers must diversify their keyword portfolios to include a broader range of high-traffic and long-tail keywords. A PPC expert will tap into a number of resources to unearth valuable keywords that will help your clients achieve success in all aspects of their traffic campaign strategies. Rather than relying too heavily on highly-competitive, untargeted keywords, we will strategically balance each of your client's PPC campaigns to include deeper keyword groupings that reach prospects in later stages of the buying process.

When you join CP-SEO™ (our Channel Partner program), you get to work with an expert PPC management team that is specifically focused on finding the right keywords to convert sales, qualify leads and facilitate interest in specific products and services. With the goal of driving a robust return on our clients’ ad spends, we take keyword research seriously, and offer your clients this bottom-line oriented, strategic advantage.

Using a mix of free and paid keyword research tools, we consistently monitor keyword inventories and bidding trends, track the keyword lists of competing businesses, and use this competitive insight to determine the right strategy for optimal market penetration.

Find out how if your keyword list is comprehensive and how your competitors’ PPC strategy affects your campaign’s success. Ask the experts at SEOonNET for a Free Paid Search Analysis today!