Get Backlinks Pointing To Your Site With Link Popularity Strategies

Get Other Web Sites to Make Your Web Site "Authoritative"

To make your clients site “authoritative” in the eyes of Google by constantly increasing the number of relevant and highly rated sites that link to your web site. The process of becoming “authoritative” is also known as “getting Backlinks” to your site. In simple terms, the idea is that the more contextually relevant sites that link to your client's site, the more valuable the site is perceived to be by the search engines. It’s very difficult for anyone to "fake” good links, and spam search engines by manipulating the keywords and content on their web pages. Link analysis gives search engines definite information of determining which pages are good for particular phrases, keywords.

5 Steps to Improve Link Popularity

  1. Increase the number of sites linking to you (all the people in the picture above).
  2. Get your targeted keywords in the anchor text of the links pointing to your site.
  3. Get contextually relevant sites to link to you (the orange vs purple and green).
  4. Get sites that are themselves highly rated to link to you (purple sites)
  5. Keep finding more and more links so your site is not perceived as being stale.
By gaining quality links to your client's site, you improve the “link popularity score” and the resulting rankings in the major search engines. Your clients must obtain quality links from related websites (as opposed to links from any sites). We will help you to analyze each linking site to identify the individual page where you would like the link, then help you write the text for the link that is in sync with the context of the target site, and then invite the webmaster to indulge in link campaign activity by sending a professionally written mail asking for the backlink.