Optimizing Your Web Page HTML/CSS Coding

Programming Each Page of A Web Site Impacts Rankings Directly

An expert HTML programmer, will encode the CSS, Javascript and HTML on each web page to ensure it is optimized for search engine spiders to extract the keywords you are targeting from the rest of the content on the page. The result of a highly optimized page is high rankings on the search engines for each specific page which contains the keyword rich content. Therefore, the more pages your clients have with specific keywords, the more ranking listings they can potentially obtain.

Get The Targeted Keywords to be NOTICED by the Search Engine Spiders

We employ a team of technical experts to review each website’s application architecture, meta tags, title, navigation systems, scripts, and layout to identify any required corrections or opportunities to improve performance. Additionally, we'll examine the coding on the page to seek out and identify proper usage of h1,h2 and h3 headings as well as boldface, italics, lists and other content driven architectural techniques that add to the keyword phrase optimization matrix. We can then generate a set of rules that can be applied universally and particularly to any page within your client's site in order to maximize the value of the site’s crawlability for Google, Yahoo and MSN search engine spiders. By following search engine guidelines, we will also check to see if the site includes unique title tags and Meta tags for each web page.