SEO Services

Attracting a new audience of "targeted traffic" to your client web sites is something most business owners only dream about. As businesses rely more and more on revenue that is generated online, it is increasingly important to tap into highly targeted audiences who are hungry for their products and services and ready to buy.

Search engines, like Google, Yahoo and MSN, provide two ways for clients to get listed on Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs). One can either purchase a paid-search campaign based on keywords, or rank highly in the “organic”, or natural results listing for free. The process by which web sites achieve high organic rankings is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

As specialists in Search Engine Optimization, SEOonNET is devoted to getting your clients the highest organic rankings on major search engines. Our experienced team of SEO strategists uses only tested and proven optimization methods, and maintains the highest ethical standards.


Here is what SEOonNET’s SEO service will do for your clients:

  • Position a business for long term growth
  • Increase targeted traffic and credibility
  • Increase ROI from interactive marketing campaigns
  • Increase Conversions / Sales
  • As an SEO channel partner, we will:
  • Develop a list of relevant keywords using search terms related to your client's business
  • Evaluate your client's competitors and build a list of best practices for their industry.
  • Create a customized, keyword-rich 404 (error) page
  • Analyze your client's web site navigation structure and page-naming conventions
  • Provide on-page analysis of your client's web content structure
  • Analyze and rewrite meta data, title tags, headings and HTML codes
  • Provide keyword rich, optimized content for implementation by your developers
  • Insert robots.txt files to direct search engines on which site content to index
  • Submit site links to directories to build page rank
  • Advise on link exchanges that will elevate your client's “authoritative” power.


“White Hat” SEO Ethics:


At SEOonNET, we believe that for a successful SEO program, it is not necessary to trick the search engines with cloaking or spamming. In the end these practices could result in serious consequences, like being banned from the major search engines. “White Hat” SEO simply means we follow the guidelines set forth by Google, Yahoo, and MSN to achieve the highest rankings for our clients.


Contact one of our SEO Strategists today, and find out how SEOonNET can get your client's sites highly ranked on the major search engines!