Optimizing Your Web Site Architecture

Optimizing Your Web Site Directory Structure and URL Names

One of the steps in SEO, is to ensure that all the web pages on a site are organized in a structured faction. Therefore, your client's site must include an optimized site structure of all the keyword rich web pages in order to drive up rankings for the keywords within the pages being published. We will help your client organize all the pages and sections in a tree type navigational format so that users and search spiders will be directed naturally into organized sections of the website that are devoted to specifically themed content. This will make it easy for the spiders to crawl through each web page and to assign a higher ranking value to the targeted keyword..

Create Themed Pages of Content to Attract Search Engine Spiders

This structuring process results in the creation of themed sets of pages that guide the search engine spiders into content funnels (also called SILOS) around related keywords. This will achieve higher rankings for the keywords within that funnel because you are creating a sense of "ownership" over those keywords and Google values that heavily. By guiding users down specifically designed pathways we are also encouraging them to ultimately take the action the pages are designed to produce. On a commercial site, that means that quality content can be used to boost the search engine rankings of products pages which directly produce real revenues to the bottom line.