Industry Analysis

Competitor Web Site Analysis

We put on our binoculars and survey the industry landscape to get a feel for the language and the discussion online around your clients' products and services. We'll help you discover what the competition is doing online to market their sites on the search engines. Determining what a competitor is doing successfully online can improve marketing plans dramatically and help achieve much higher rankings for your client's web sites. Remember that high rankings have multiple purposes. First is driving direct leads and sales. Secondly and more subtly is brand recognition and reputation because the higher a site is ranked the more serious it will be considered by prospects and clients.

We Can Generate a Library of Best Practices to Emulate

  1. Incoming links analysis to see the anchor text of the links pointing to their site as well as the sites pointing to them. You can then contact similar sites to request links pointing to your site.
  2. The structure of each competitor's web site. The content might be similar to your site but if they do a better job in optimizing the content, they will rank higher than you. The analysis gives you the tools to apply changes to your own site.
  3. Pay per click keywords and organic keywords that competitors are using in their marketing efforts in pages on their sites as well as articles they syndicate on other sites. This helps identify keywords you should be inserting in your web pages and marketing efforts too.