PPC Campaign Optimization

Pay Per Click Campaigns - Structure Optimization

The allure of Paid Search is that it puts businesses in touch with potential customers who are already seeking their company’s products or services. But too frequently, paid search campaigns are unsuccessful because they are poorly organized or mismanaged. By using PPC campaign management techniques from SEOonNET, your clients can benefit from an optimized campaign structure, designed to increase revenues to their sites.

To be truly effective with paid search, one must optimize the campaign around themed conversion-oriented keywords. Absent a proven strategy to manage this opportunity, campaigns can become chaotic and unwieldy, which diminishes the advertisers ROI. We tightly theme each keyword silo alongside targeted messages that drive traffic to a highly relevant landing page. This allows us to optimize keyword groups around statistically relevant metrics that monitor each grouping’s performance. When these aggregated groups of keywords are measured accurately, it leads to informed decisions that focus on a keyword’s short and long-term revenue potential.

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